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Identity key cultural heritage

2018 has been declared the European Year of Cultural Heritage. We EU citizens are supposed to actively engage with our cultural heritage. To find out what use the remnants of the past are to us, the author delves into the German cultural heritage landscape. In the fog of the Thuringian Forest, she comes across a precedent of German monument protection: expropriation in favor of monument preservation - because the "cradle of the Free State" is doomed to collapse. From lofty heights as well as from close quarters, the author looks at a city center that is completely under monument protection: the area monument Bamberg - with its numerous individual monuments and world-famous traditional gardeners for, among other things, forbidden vegetables and innovative beer.


  • Concept, narrator, direction
    Katja Trautwein
  • Camera, image design
    Sebastian Ingenfeld (Hamburg, Passau), Josefin Kuschela (Thuringia), Alexandros Patikidis (Bamberg), Farina Hasak (Ludwigsburg)
  • Editing
    Farina Hasak
  • Film music
    Leonard Küßner
  • Setton
    Thomas Rother (Hamburg, Thuringia, Passau), Sebastian Wakan (Bamberg)
  • Sound design, voice recordings, mixing
    Thomas Rother