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Ludwigsburg Symphony

A silent film project with orchestral accompaniment in the tradition of "Berlin Sinfonie der Großstadt" tells the story of life in Ludwigsburg over the course of a year: baroque city, media city, in the shadow of Stuttgart. A city with edges, a lively development process, its own history. A city in transformation, on its way to the future.

In the 1920s, the silent film "Berlin- Sinfonie der Großstadt" by Walther Ruttmann became world famous. Highly innovative and with stylistic devices most unusual for that time, the film, accompanied by a powerful orchestra, tells a daily routine in the cosmopolitan city of Berlin.

Almost exactly 90 years later, we tell the story of the "Ludwigsburg Symphony" with the identical cinematic means. A silent film with orchestral accompaniment observes everyday life in the Swabian baroque town over four seasons.

What we want to discover is the peculiar character of this city, which is not immediately apparent to the visitor: The baroque castle next to a four-lane federal highway that radically tears the city center in two. A gigantic concrete block of flats from the 70's slays the loveliness of the so beautiful market place. Ludwigsburg is a city of contrasts.

We want to look for these contrasts. Baroque tradition versus film and media city. Old Swabian bourgeoisie versus a city development that is striving towards modernity. Living history that only becomes palpable when you know in which corners and alleys. Unusual places that even the Ludwigsburg resident does not necessarily know, which reveal their mysterious character. A population that is much more multicultural than one would expect. Ludwigsburg is alive and looking for its way into the future.


  • Director/Book
    Marcel Wehn
  • Camera
    Jörg Raumbaum
  • Film music
    Leonard Küßner, Andreas Pfeiffer , Chiara Strickland, Alexander David, Meike Katrin Stein, Renée André Abe, Jordan Toms and Petteri Sainio
  • Orchestral recording
    Filmorchester Babelsberg conducted by Jörg Iwer
  • Live orchestra
    Prague Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra of the Castle Festival conducted by Pietari Inkinen
  • Music mix
    Volker Armbruster, Jan Brett, Marvin Keil