Remembrance of November 9

"I will bear witness to the last" - Scenic reading from the diaries of Victor Klemperer.

Surviving fascism: from 1933 to the end of the war, Jewish literary scholar Victor Klemperer and his non-Jewish wife Eva endure increasing isolation, harassment, humiliation and a life in perpetual fear of house searches and deportation. For Klemperer, his diary became a "balancing pole without which I would have fallen a hundred times.

The diaries became a unique testimony to the everyday life of the persecution of the Jews. "A thousand mosquito bites are worse than a blow on the head. I observe, note down the mosquito bites".

In the incidental music composed for this evening to accompany the reading, Klemperer's contemporary document is continued on a parallel, abstracted level.

To accompany the music, sequences created especially for this evening by motion designer Jonathan Rieder were projected onto a futuristic screen construction.

You can find the original text about the event here..


  • Director
    Dieter E. Neuhaus
  • Composition
    Leonard Küßner
  • Motion Design
    Jonathan Rieder
  • Live technology
    Christian Kessler
  • Speaker
    Dieter E. Neuhaus, Barbara Krehl, Edgar Common