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Seven sisters

"Whether as a housewife or a musician, we lead seven different lives. I, as the youngest, use this family constellation and examine the fine web of relationships among them. I tell about the individual fates of an extended family that seems to consist only of women and what this fact means for each of them individually. Why did the only brother take his own life?"

"From 1963, my mother has one child after another. The first is a boy. After that, only girls follow. The overburdened mother raises us. The father earns the money. When it gets too noisy, he goes into the garden. The daily struggle in an extended family is a fight for recognition and love. For children, then, it's an existential struggle for survival. My film tells the story of the loss of my brother, who took his own life shortly after I was born. Despite the very personal story, I'm concerned with the highly complex relationships and structures in a family."
Anna-Elisabeth Frick


  • Director
    Anna-Elisabeth Frick
  • Camera
    Leonhard Kaufmann
  • Film music
    Leonard Küßner
  • Sound design
    Andreas Pfeiffer
  • Editing
    Moriz Hen
  • Producer
    Lennart Lenzing