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Der Goldne Topf

Anna-Elisabeth Frick adapts E.T.A. Hoffmann's "Der Goldne Topf" at the Theater Freiburg.

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  • Director
    Anna-Elisabeth Frick
  • Stage
    Martha-Marie Pinsker
  • Costume
    Mariam Haas
  • Choreography
    Graham Smith
  • Filmmusic
    Leonard Küßner
  • Dramaturgy
    Tamina Tisza

  • Lindhorst
    Victor Calero
  • Anselmus
    Martin Hohner
  • Veronika
    Stefanie Mrachacz
  • Serpentina
    Samantha Gaul, Katharina Ruckgaber
  • Heerbrandt
    Graham Smith
  • Young
    Sinja Neumann, Benjamin Bay