Leonard Küßner conducting the orchestra for the Celan recording
Leonard Küßner conducting the recording sessions of "Einsamkeit", lyric by Paul Celan



The 2022 film projects are in the works and will be published in a timely manner.


The Dying Swans Project - Kamma (composer), Smadar Goshen (choreographer), Katja Trautwein (director), Theaterhaus Stuttgart/3sat

Dear Future Children (composer), Franz Böhm

Catweazle (score preparation), Sven Unterwaldt


St. Android (composer), Lukas von Berg

Who finds it (composer), Oliver Krause

Drachenreiter (arranger: mockup artist), Tomer Eshed


Friedemann Vogel - embodiment of dance (composer), Katja Trautwein

Dreamfactory (score preparation), Martin Schreier


Ursa Minor (Dota 2 Shortfilm contest) (composer), Alexander Frey

Identity key cultural heritage (composer), Katja Trautwein

C4RE (composer),  Alice Reily de Souza und Juliane Walther

Ratatoskr (orchestration), Meike Müller

The little dragon coconut 2 (orchestration/orchestra production), Anthony Power


Das Duett (composer), Dolby Atmos radio play by Volker Armbruster and Markus Rebholz

A moment of war (composer), Tim Weskamp

Breaking (composer), Ara Jo

L'Aria del Moscerino (composer), Lukas von Berg

Lule love purple (composer), Anja Gurres


Hanya Yanagihara: Małe życie (composer), Marta Trela

Ludwigsburg Symphony (composer), Marcel Wehn

Derailed (composer), Victoria Cregan

Odyssey of colors (composer), Kathrin Raczek

Attraction (composer), Christiane Goppert

Around Us the World - Eastern European Migrant Workers in Germany (composer), Hanna Fischer

You don't kiss undercover (additional drums, selected cues), Jan Haering


Press (composer), Marc Donaubaur und Denis Krez

Mother (composer), Merlin Deppeler

Seven sisters (composer), Anna-Elisabeth Frick

Fleischwelt (composer), Ara Jo


My little friend from feathers (composer), Christian Hirth

Without words (composer), Daniel Hartmann


A piece of home for you / Heimattage Baden-Württemberg 2022 (composer), Annette Müller

Kilometer X (composer), 2021 (Wiederaufnahme 2022) Annette Müller

(NON) CONFORM (composer), Hanna Antonia Füger, Bern

Lockdown Room 23 (composer, Annette Müller

The Golden Pot - after E. T. A. Hoffmann (composer), Anna-Elisabeth Frick, Theater Freiburg

Remembrance of November 9 (composer), Dieter E. Neuhaus

Choice hairstyle (composer), Frida Herzkomplott

Story Offenburg (composer), Annette Müller


Hoomans (composer), Smadar Goshen, Stuttgart

The Dying Swans Project - Kamma (composer), Smadar Goshen (choreographer), Katja Trautwein (director), Theaterhaus Stuttgart/3sat

Cadavre Exquis (composer, excerpt from „Friedemann Vogel – Verkörperung des Tanzes“), Friedemann Vogel (dancer), Guillaume Côté (choreographer), Katja Trautwein (director)


Children's Opera "Alix and the Fantastic Search for Mr. Meisenbär (AT)" (composer), 2023/2024

Concerto for alto saxophone and symphony orchestra (composer), World premiere 21th of may 2023, Offenburg

Andante for alto saxophone and piano (composer, recorded in May 2021, Netherlands), Hannah Koob (Alt-Saxophon), Martien Maas (Piano)

Einsamkeit (composer), after a poem by Paul Celan for symphony orchestra and two voices (soprano, mezzo-soprano)

Ludwigsburg Palace Festival (orchestration/score preparation), Prager Symphoniker

Ludwigsburg Symphony (composer), Open Air


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