C4RE, Filmmusik Leonard Küßner


A little sick BOY living in a hospital discovers that he is not alone – a ROBOT is send to take care and monitor his sickness. After an initial suspicion, the Boy learns to trust the Robot and befriends him. They learn to play together and the Robot behaves more and more like a human. With time the health condition of the Boy gets worse and the C4RE program of the Robot takes over – can he be the perfect companion?

  • Regie Alice Reily de Souza, Juliane Walther
  • Produzent Juliane Walther
  • Musik Leonard Küßner
  • Schnitt Farina Hasak
  • Sounddesign & Mischung Laura Beuthner
  • Lead Animator Alice Reily de Souza
  • Additional Animatoren Emer Phillips, Arne Hain, Muhudan Balasubramaniam, Katrin Kuhnert
  • 2D Animation Nora Back, Meike Koller
  • Interface Design / Animation Alice Reily de Souza
  • Lead Compositing Alice Reily de Souza, Juliane Walther
  • Additional Compositing Aleksej Skrypnik, Iring Freytag, Ara Jo, Viktor Stickel, Marvin Sprengel, Nina Prange , Valentin Kemmer, Alex Berweck, Woodblock
  • Technical Director Julian Oberbeck
  • Puppet building Alice Reily de Souza, Ana Patricia Olmo Bau
  • Set building Madeleine Schleich, Alice Reily de Souza
  • 3D Modelling Niklas Köhler-Prediger, Elias Kremer, Toufik Abdedaim