St. Android

Animation (06:13 min) · 2021

Every day Norman sits at his wife’s hospital bed hoping she might just be able to talk to him, so they can say their good byes. But the hospital bed, an advanced robot system, tells him that she will die in the next hour. A priest will be sent to him for guidance. Norman hopes for help and is shocked when an android enters and introduces itself as the priest. Desperately, Norman agrees to take the Robopreacher as his guide in this most human situation.


Directed and animated by
Lukas von Berg

Produced by
Oliver Krauser

Original Screenplay
Fabian Virayie

Technical Direction & Look Development
Enzio Probst

Farina Hasak

Sound Design & Mixing
Nicolas Kaiser

Leonard Küßner

Music Mixing
Volker Armbruster

Motion Design
Julia Schneider