Das Duett

Dolby Atmos radio play (12 min) – 2018

“The Duet” is the world’s first radio play in Dolby Atmos. An interrogation, a storm and an exploding historic Stuttgart streetcar form an action-packed faction story. A dance in search of the truth. So: Da capo!

A 1976 coin heist in Stuttgart was followed by a spectacular escape in the subsequently exploding streetcar. Suspect Viktor Bethke once again sits in interrogation with Hartmann, who now 40 years later tries to elicit new details from him that could convict him.


Book & Director
Volker Armbruster, Markus Rebholz

Volker Armbruster, Markus Rebholz

Kiana Naghshineh

Leonard Küßner

Volker Armbruster, Markus Rebholz